Okazja do nawiązania współpracy firm polskich z firmami tunezyjskimi z branży tekstylnej i prêt à porter : Poniedziałek 26 marca 2018, Hotel InterContinental Warszaw, Emilii Plater 49 (sala Grand Symphony, 3. Piętro)


Wesołych Świąt

Radosnych Świąt Bożego Narodzenia  oraz dużo szczęścia i samych sukcesów w nadchodzącym Nowym Roku 2018


Reopening of the Honorary Consulate of Belgium in Krakow

After years of inactivity, the Honorary Consulate of Belgium in Krakow will reopen its doors under the supervision of M. Philippe De Brouwer, new honorary Consul. The consulate will be based at Valians’ offices in Cracow and will have many...


Delegation from mauritius in Poland

Together with Enterprise Mauritius, (the National Export Promotion Agency of Mauritius) a delegation of 10 mauritian companies came in Poland to meet with potential buyers. For this occasion VALIANS has organized around 75 B2B meeting in textile, food and rum industries.

Market presentation at the Chamber of Commerce in Lyon

Cédric Fromont, Managing Partner of VALIANS has presented the business opportunities of the Polish, Czech and Slovak markets to companies of the Rhône-Alpes region. 2B2 meetings were held following the presentation.


Exclusively for professionals, CLASSE EXPORT is dedicated to international development. During 2 days, the Valians team brought its expertise to companies wishing to develop in Central and Eastern Europe.

Eastern Europe presentation at the CGPME

Alexandre Souvannavong, Valians's expert has presented business opportunities offered by Central and Eastern Europe for French entreprises during a conference organized by the General Confederation of Small and Medium-sized enterprises (CGPME).


VALIANS in CLASSE EXPORT magazine in March-April 2016

Cedric FROMONT, the associate director and co-founder of VALIANS International, presented with specific examples the key to successful development in Eastern Europe.


Maryline BERTHEAU-SOBCZYK on TV5 Monde

Maryline BERTHEAU-SOBCZYK, CEO of  Valians International, has been interwied together with a panel of experts to present the economical and culural situation of Poland, and its growing place on the international scene.


VALIANS in CLASSE EXPORT magazine in November-December 2014

Magazine dedicated to the international business news. Cédric FROMONT, vice president and co-founder of VALIANS International, presents the current situation and the potential of the research and innovating sectors in Poland.


VALIANS at the “Open de l’International” in Rennes (France)

As an expert on Poland, VALIANS met many company directors in order to assist them in their projects in Poland. Nicole Bricq, as the former Minister of the French Foreign Trade, also participated in these meetings with Maryline BERTHEAU-SOBCZYK.

Interview with Maryline BERTHEAU-SOBCZYK in the CCE International magazine

Magazine dedicated to international business in which the French Foreign Trade Advisors share their analyses and their experiences on the markets. Maryline BERTHEAU-SOBCZYK, CEO of VALIANS International presents her own analysis of the economic situation in Poland.


Interview with Cédric FROMONT in JEUNE DIRIGEANT magazine

Magazine dedicated to business and management based on young CEOs’ analyses and points of view. Cédric FROMONT, representative of Poland for the CJD (the Young Business Leaders Organization), shares his analysis of the recent economic and social changes in Poland.


VALIANS in the CLASSE EXPORT magazine in February 2014

Magazine dedicated to the international business news. Maryline BERTHEAU-SOBCZYK, CEO and co-founder of VALIANS International presents Poland’s economic outlook for the year 2014.

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