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REPLAY – POLAND – Meet the largest marketplace of a booming e-commerce economy with Allegro and Business Finland


In 2020, the e-commerce market in Poland will experience the strongest growth for several years. In addition, this market is forecast to grow at double-digit rates over the next three years. Our Managing Partner, Cédric FROMONT was glad to give Finnish companies from Business Finland its expertise of the e-commerce market in Poland in collaboration with the largest marketplace in the country

Poland: Bio Planet increased sales in June to EUR 3.21 million

Bio Planet’s sales in June of this year reached EUR 3.21 million, which is a 32% increase over June 2019 sales, which stood at EUR 2.43 million.

In June, the company added around 200 new products to its offering. Most of the new products are products from suppliers who have cooperated with Bio Planet for years.

„We have introduced new products in the offer, among others, Italian Vivo Spray spray oils and 10 new products under Bio Planet’s own brands, including Kłodawa salt and lemon juices” the company said .

Bio Planet S.A. sells organic food, which it packages under its own brands such as: Bio Planet, Biominki, Bio Europa, Crystalline Planet and Bio Raj.

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Poland: 2019 record-breaking year for Polish real estate investment market

With €7.8 billion of total transacted volumes, 2019 was a record-breaking year for the Polish investment market, outpacing the previous best-ever market result of 2018 by over €600 million, states a report published by Jones Lang LaSalle, an American commercial real estate services company.

With this exceptional score, the Polish investment market grew in 2019 for the 5th consecutive year. Investor activity in the first half of 2020 was maintained at an extremely high level as a continuation of the record-breaking last year. According to the preliminary estimates, the value of investment transactions in the first half of 2020 totaled nearly €2.9 billion – the second-best result in the history of Poland’s real estate sector. Despite the global pandemic, the first six months of the year saw a continuation of trends that have been observed on the market for some time now. Industrial and office investors are very much at the fore. Overall, there were almost 60 deals closed throughout the first half of 2020, with office and industrial sectors clearly dominating the investment landscape both in terms of volume and number of transactions.

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Poland: Google is going to invest $ 2 billion in new data center

The American company Google is planning to invest up to $ 2 billion in the opening of a new data center in Poland. The project could see the light of day at the start of 2021.

Google’s investment in Warsaw will be the largest investment in such infrastructure in Poland.

The data center will be responsible for processing the cloud services of the American company.

Microsoft also announced in May a $ 1 billion investment to have its own data center in the country.

Currently, Google Cloud has six regions in Europe for 23 worldwide.

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Poland: Retail brands have success

The popularity of retail brands continues to grow across Europe.

According to the latest edition of PLMA International Private Label Yearbook, the share of retail brands currently exceeds 30% of market share in almost all of Europe.

In Central and Eastern Europe, the market share of retail brands remained above 40% in Austria and above 30% in Poland, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia in 2019.

In 2018 in Poland, sales of retail brands amounted to PLN 30.6 billion (EUR 6.85 billion), up 5.2% compared to the previous year. This represents 20.1% of sales of consumer products in Poland.



Poland: Construction of Poland’s first nuclear power plant to begin in 2026

According to the declaration of Poland’s climate minister, Poland will start building its first nuclear power plant in 2026, with a capacity of 1.0-1.5 gigawatts and fhe facility is expected to be operational by 2033.

For the Polish government, nuclear energy is a solution to wean the country off coal, which currently accounts for almost 80% of energy production, the highest level in the European Union.

The share of coal should therefore fall to around 60% by 2030, while carbon emissions are meant to be cut by 30% over the next decade, relative to 1990 levels.

As part of this transition, the Polish government intends to have six operational nuclear blocks by 2040. The first power plant’s construction is supposed to start on 2026 and to be effective in 2033 said Poland’s climate minister.

The aim of this transition toward nuclear power is not only to “accelerate carbon emissions reduction”, but also to help Poland to ensure energy security by reducing reliance on hydrocarbon imports, which include notable amounts of Russian coal and gas.

The cost of the reactors are expected to amount more than PLN 100 billion (EUR 22.5 billion).



Poland: 11 investment programs to be implemented on national roads.

The Minister of Infrastructure has approved the implementation of 11 investment programs which will be implemented on national roads. The total cost of these projects exceeds PLN 439 million, the ministry of infrastructure said in a statement.
It was added that the investments are linked, to the extension of road sections and the reinforcement of their pavement for the transport of loads of 11.5 tonnes per axle, to the improvement of the safety of the users of the road by reconstruction of intersections, construction of roads and traffic lights, construction of culverts and bridges on national roads.
The investments will be carried out in six voivodeships: Lubuskie, Dolnośląskie, Mazowieckie, Śląskie, Małopolskie and Podkarpackie.
The tasks approved for implementation include the construction of a roundabout at the intersection of national road No. 92 and a road in Trzciel, increasing the carrying capacity of the surface of national road n ° 27 on the Nowogród Bobrzański – Świdnica section, the construction of a new bridge in Międzylesie or the construction of a bridge over the Słony stream in the village Brzostek along the national road 73.



Poland: Amazon to open Europe’s largest logistics center

Amazon has just announced the creation of a new logistics center in Poland. Covering more than 210,000 square meters, the new infrastructure will be Amazon’s largest building on Polish territory, as well as on a European scale. Established in Poland since 2014, with a total of 7 logistics centers in the country, Amazon continues its presence on the territory with the creation of a new logistics center in the south of the country, in Gliwice.

“This year is crucial from the point of view of our operations in Poland – this month, we opened two new logistics centers – in Pawlikowice and Okmiany, and today we are officially announcing another investment, this time in Silesia [region where the city of Gliwice is located], „said Steven Harman, vice president of operations for Amazon in Europe, quoted in a press release published by ISBNews.

The warehouse will be equipped with Amazon Robotics technology, which allows the company to more quickly manage its storage and shipment processing spaces. Employees will be responsible for processing customer orders for small and medium-sized products, such as books or electronic equipment, the statement said.

“Poland was the first country in Europe where Amazon Robotics was introduced in September 2015. The implementation of this type of solution demonstrates our commitment to promote innovation in the field of logistics for the benefit of our employees and our customers, ”says Steven Harman.

The new facility, with an announced surface area of ​​more than 210,000 m2 spread over four levels, is expected to create 1,000 jobs, according to the American firm. Without giving further details on the opening date of this new logistics center, the company said it was entering its recruitment phase. The company is currently looking for engineers, computer scientists, HR specialists and operational managers to fill these new positions. Several advantages are promised to future employees. Including the guarantee of a „competitive salary” – no figures are given -, free transport to and from work or even life insurance.

„We are very pleased to be able to be part of the local Gliwice community and to provide local residents with not only new jobs, but also competitive wages, a full package of benefits and rich career opportunities in a business growing international market, „said Harman.

„The location of Amazon’s investment in Gliwice is proof of our province’s attractiveness to international companies. We try to take care of the infrastructure and the conditions that attract foreign investors, but also to create a climate of cooperation and dialogue on which relations with modern and responsible companies are based, „said Marshal of the Silesian province Jakub Chełstowski.

Source: Actualitte


Czech Republic: financial compensation in the construction sector

In addition to strengthening public investment in the infrastructure construction sector (the budget of the National Infrastructure Fund having increased by + 20% to € 4.2 billion), the Czech government has adopted the principle of financial compensation for companies that did not stop work during the state of emergency declared in the context of the Covid-19 crisis. The amounts invoiced will be increased by a lump sum of 10.2% for works on motorways and roads, by 7.2% for works on railways and by 11.1% for the construction of road bridges.

According to the Minister of Industry, Trade and Transport, this sector, which employs 360,000 workers and has 200,000 independent businesses and craftsmen, is becoming the main driver of the country’s economic recovery. The compensation measures will make it possible to continue construction of highways, rail and river corridors.

Source: Direction Générale du Trésor


Hungary: renewal of buses by electric buses by 2022

The public company Volanbusz has ordered 90 new generation electric buses, 30 being ordered by the group itself for around € 9 million, and 60 by Volan Buszpark, the subsidiary which manages the bus fleet, for around € 10 million. Volanbusz plans to renew 60% of its fleet of electric buses by 2022, as part of a government program to green the country’s buses.

Source: Direction Générale du Trésor


Romania: E-commerce in record

MerchantPro, a Romanian online store developer, tripled the number of new online stores sold in April. In addition, the value of orders received by stores on its platform doubled in April compared to the same month last year and increased by 40% compared to March.

MerchantPro also hosts and manages the stores it develops on the basis of a SaaS e-commerce platform. The company has launched a special program, „Oxygen via Electronic Commerce”, to help retailers severely affected by COVID-19 restrictions to quickly set up fully functional online stores on its platform. Thus, the number of new accounts created to launch online stores increased by 300% in April. The most active retailers were in the food, clothing and beauty, sports, leisure, furniture, DIY and decoration segments.

MerchantPro has also recently launched features to support the vendors it hosts online stores on its platform, says Arthur Radulescu, founder of ShopMania Net, the company that manages MerchantPro. These include integration with eMAG Marketplace, a multi-warehouse interconnection and management solution, a multi-store synchronization and administration module and new automation for the creation of ‚Promotional offers..

Source: Romania Insider



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