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Industrial investment / Merger and acquisition


Have your own production unit or acquire an existing structure to produce locally

Discover the various possibilities for establishing your company, obtain strategic advice

Be supported in your operational procedures for the implementation of your structure

Obtain local support to understand intercultural differences in management and business environment


Investment study to determine best choice of country and location according to key criteria

Support in set-up and creation of subsidiary (LTD, PLC, representative office, branch, etc.)

Accounting and bank account opening

Support, management and monitoring of branch

Search for industrial site or premises

Operational implementation support for your structure (permits, authorisations, financing, etc.)

Participation in the management board of your local structure

Support in recruitment of your managing team (See Recruitement and HR)

Business development support (see business development)

Assistance in search of suppliers (see purchasing / sourcing)

In case of M&A:

Screening, qualification and selection of potential targets

Approach under mandate

On-site visits

M&A negotiation and JV agreement assistance

Organisational audit of structure / valuation

Due diligence support / M&A engineering

Advice and assistance until transaction is finalised

Business case
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Merger and Acquisition in Poland Construction
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