Czech Republic: financial compensation in the construction sector

In addition to strengthening public investment in the infrastructure construction sector (the budget of the National Infrastructure Fund having increased by + 20% to € 4.2 billion), the Czech government has adopted the principle of financial compensation for companies that did not stop work during the state of emergency declared in the context of the Covid-19 crisis. The amounts invoiced will be increased by a lump sum of 10.2% for works on motorways and roads, by 7.2% for works on railways and by 11.1% for the construction of road bridges.

According to the Minister of Industry, Trade and Transport, this sector, which employs 360,000 workers and has 200,000 independent businesses and craftsmen, is becoming the main driver of the country’s economic recovery. The compensation measures will make it possible to continue construction of highways, rail and river corridors.

Source: Direction Générale du Trésor